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Liz and Jake at Eastern Market Milonga

The link between tango and passion is real - but the passion is richer, more diverse, and more relatable than the man-in-dark-suit+woman-in-red-dress-stereotype suggests. (Not that I have a problem with dark suits or red dresses.)

This podcast offers an authentic glimpse into who dances tango, why they dance, and how the dance has shaped their lives. Along the way we'll explore what their experiences can teach us all about being and connecting in the world.

Each episode features one person's story and perspective on tango and life, accompanied by a song inspired by that person's musical tastes.


About Liz Sabatiuk
My tango journey began in Montevideo, Uruguay, tango's lesser-known co-birthplace across the river from Buenos Aires. Since those first days in 2005, learning "tango oriental" with my friend Dave as part of a Spanish-language immersion program, I've studied with many maestr@s, taught and organized, started a queer tango program in Washington, DC, and married another tango dancer (with whom I now have two tango babies). 

Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic swept the planet, our little family left DC to live in spouse's hometown in Spain. Between parenting, COVID precautions, and our currently tango-less location, my tango practice these days is pretty much limited to my living room. Humans of Tango is my way to continue connecting with other folks whose lives have been shaped by tango while deepening my own understanding of the dance and culture. In the process, I hope to share tango's versatility, power, and beauty with dancers and non-dancers alike.


Pictured are producer/host Liz Sabatiuk with Jake Spatz (top photo, right) and Aja Fenn (bottom photo, right).
Photo Credit: Jaime Montemayor


This podcast would not exist without the support and help of some amazing humans whom I'm blessed to have in my life, namely my spouse, Rubén; my mother, Pamela; my cousin Jen; mentor, Larry; and dear friends Rafael, Simone, and Olga. I'm also incredibly grateful to the individuals who've shared their stories and perspectives for the podcast and to the musicians who've agreed to have their music featured. Last but certainly not least, huge thanks to every single person who has listened to the podcast. You make the process worthwhile!

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